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Terms and Conditions :: Warshire Online


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Terms and Conditions

Revised: May 2, 2009

You are allowed EXACTLY ONE global account per person
You may have more than one account per IP if you have family members on the same router or other such situations, we reserve the right to lock/delete without warning any accounts we suspect of misusing this allowance.

We have ZERO tolerance for cheaters/bug exploiters
If you discover a bug or exploit in the game report it to an admin IMMEDIATELY, if you use this bug/exploit to your advantage your in-game account will be deleted and you may be banned depending on the severity of the exploit. Also, be aware that upon reporting your account WILL BE CHECKED to see if you exploited the reported bug. So please do yourself a favor and don't have fun with it before reporting.

If you use any bots your global account (which includes ALL IN-GAME ACCOUNTS) will be deleted without warning.

Helper scripts like Warmonkey ( are permitted, so long as it isn't automating account management.



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